Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's been so long!

Hi everyone,
It has been a long time since I took the time to sit down and type my thoughts here. Tonight I am going to type a little before my baby wakes up.
Tonight was a busy night. We went to church, where a friend's daughter (3 yrs old) fell head first from a step stool onto a tile floor. Her head had a strange looking bruise that was flat, instead of a "goose egg" looking bump. So, having always heard, it is bad if the bump swells in instead of out, we (me, my baby, friend, her little girl) took off for the pediatric ER.

So, we were driving to the ER. Then she talked with her dr.'s nurse and the nurse asked 100 questions and then determined that the little girl was okay.
Back to my house to get her other daughter. When we get to my house, her other daughter is running 103 fever and can barely talk. Great.

They left at around 11 pm and now I am here typing my thoughts.

House Update:
Today we found out that the 2nd mortgage company will not take the deal from the 1st mortgage company. The 2nd mortgage company wants to foreclose and be done with it. Which means we will have to move. Our realtor is asking us to give $1,000 and he will give $1,000 out of his earnings. And he is asking the other realtor to also give $1,000 and the 1st mortgage company to do the same. Total = $4, 000. He wants to take that money and go back to the 2nd mortgage company and see if they will take the deal with $4,000 instead of the original amount that was offered which was $1,000.

This may sound confusing to you. That is because it is confusing.

Today I bought a book called Body After Baby. It is a 30-day eating plan for breastfeeding moms for weight loss. I also bought Lose the Baby Fat! It is an exercise program for new moms. I am hoping to get motivated enough to follow both plans and lose this extra 30 pounds I am carrying around.

Aren't y'all glad to hear about all the excitement in my life?