Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The First Day of Spring post...coming soon

I have been meaning to write about our wonderful Monday, the first day of Spring. We had such a great day!! However, today was a day from h-ll, so I am not in the mood to type nice things about our Monday.
I have been having much pain in my upper, mid, and lower back so I went to my dr. last week. She sent me to have x-rays and I got the report in the mail today. It just so happens that today I was in constant pain. I was in pain even before I got the report in the mail. So it wasn't one of those things where you feel worse after finding out a diagnosis.

This is what I found out
1. I have chronic muscle tightness in my neck, which is causing my neck to straighten.
2. I have mild scoliosis in the thoracic part of my back, which causes chronic muscle aches.
3. I have an old compression fracture in the thoracic part of my back. Weird, you think I would know if my back had been fractured in the past. I know I am not an observant person, but this is ridiculous.
4. I have disc space narrowing in the lumbar part of my back. This is causing the most pain.

My dr. is referring me to a spinal orthopedist. She said "spine orthopedist" but I think the correct way to say it is "spinal orthopedist." She's only a DOCTOR. Surely, I know the correct way to say it. I am a MOM after all.

This back pain is causing much crankiness in my life lately. I will post on our lovely first day of Spring when I feel less cranky.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

An update on my life for anyone who cares to read about my life

One thing I didn't think about when I created this blog was the time it would take to actually sit down and type thoughts into my computer. Finding time to spend in here typing my life so the world can read it is difficult. Well, finding the time is difficult, but putting thoughts together and making sense is the most difficult thing most days.

Having said all of that, it has been quite a while since I last posted and it is because I have been very busy with all of my responsibilities. Homeschooling, laundry, changing diapers, rocking babies, reading stories... Wow, I do have the best profession in the world! :)

Right now is a very uncertain time in our lives. We are living in a house that we may or may not get to stay in and we know that in a few weeks we may not have a job! But we are choosing to trust God and His infinite wisdom and just have peace about the whole thing. I have gotten to a point where I am really enjoying my "free" big house!! At $1 a day, it is basically free.

Today is day one of week 3 of Weight Watchers for me. As of last night, I have lost 3 pounds. Of course, after the Value Sized meal I got at Chick Fil A last night I may have gained a bit. I left the WW meeting feeling famished so I headed on over to Chick Fil A and got my favorite, a number 1 combo, value sized with a Coke, for a grand total of 29 points! That includes a classic Chick Fil A sandwich, large waffle fries, a large Coke, and 2 polynesian sauce packets. Since my points started over today, I just ignored those points I ate last night. Works for me.

Have any of you read Parenting With Love and Logic? It was recommended to me by a dear relative of mine who happens to be a counselor at an elementary school. In the pat, I have not wanted to read it because I kind of felt like I was "above" that particular method of discipline and I was determined to not do something just because my "perfect" relatives did it that way. I now realize the error of my ways and I feel pretty badly about it. I have been humbled and now I am going to listen to her advice and try it out. We are going to read the book and then take the Parenting With Love and Logic class at a local elementary school. I'll keep you posted...

Let's see...what else is new in my world...
Oh, my hubby applied for a job in the Rio Grande Valley. Those of you who know me know that while I was there I was homesick. Now I am homesick for the Valley!! I'm always wanting what I don't have.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Always Fun Karaoke

Hey everyone,
Right now I am listening to my family and my brother in law's family JAM OUT to our karaoke machine. The kids and dads are having a blast!! We have a professional karaoke machine, huge speakers, etc., that we rent out for parties and events. Here's our website

Anyway, it is so much fun! Oh great, now they're singing "Like a Virgin"!! Maybe I should intervene. My children don't even know what a virgin is. But I have a feeling they'll be asking tomorrow. Okay, the dads got a clue and changed the song...
Now they're singing "Achy Breaky Heart". (Leslie, I know that's your FAVORITE song and it brings back lovely memories of your wedding. You'll have to come over and sing it for us.)

Uh come the kids...the dads must be ready to quit singing for the night. I thought I was going to have time to type an interesting post, but I am going to have to go for the night. The kids have found me!!!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Wow, what a week it has been! I realize as I type this that it hasn't exactly been a week, just 4 days since I last posted. I felt like a week. I have gotten a lot accomplished though.

Here's what I have been up to...
1. Getting rid of my husband's old car~those of you who know me know that this is a BIG DEAL to me. It was on his To Do list last year. He was supposed to donate it to a charity before the baby was born. Baby will be 9 months old on Friday...
2. Taking care of sick boys~ Last night it was my 3 yr old, this morning my 7 yr old, and currently it is my youngest 5 yr old. Ha! Youngest 5 yr old sounds funny! Clarification: My youngest twin is the one who is ill at the moment.
3. Cleaning house~ Today I set my timer and cleaned house 15 minutes at a time...15 minutes in the kitchen, 15 minutes in the family room, 15 minutes of get the idea. The thing is, I cleaned all day and never made it upstairs. The downstairs is really clean though and we all have clean clothes. Next week maybe the upstairs will get cleaned.
4. Homeschooling my 4 oldest kids~ Yes, I am Super Mom because I have kept up with school this week. hee hee
5. Taking trash to my old neighbor's house~yep, we loaded up the van with our trash and took it over to my gracious neighbor's house because our city only lets us put trash in one little trash can. It is a trash can issued by the city and it is small. So, while we are still dealing with moving trash, we are taking it to our previous neighbor's house.
6. Enjoying the spring-like weather here in North Texas~ I love it! The early mornings have been incredible!

By the way, my garage hasn't been cleaned out and therefore I haven't used my treadmill or weights. But I did re-join Weight Watchers this week. I have already used all of my points for the day and I havne't has dinner yet. Guess I'll be drinking water for dinner...