Saturday, May 17, 2008


Beauty in the Common Things: the colors of a sunrise
Listen In:dh talking to me (sounds muffled because he is in another room and is mumbling : )
Supper Plans: beans and cornbread, salad
Today I Plan To: drive dh's new car (new to us- VW bug- 47 mpg- diesel- CUTE!!), look for outside decor for my porch at garage sales, gather horse manure for my compost pile, deposit my tenant's rent check that I was supposed to deposit on the 6th (sorry!!),
View From the Kitchen Window: a beautiful sky

**Plans, what plans?? Notice above that I had a nice little day planned out, complete with productivity around the house. Well, after going " garage saling" we went to Wal Mart to pick up a new CD rom for my computer. When we came out, there was oil pouring out of teh new VW Long story short, there is a hole in the oil pan, no mechanics in our town work on VW cars, so we are taking the car on a trailer to the vw dealership in Dallas. Parts+labor=$950.
So much for my afternoon of scooping horse manure.

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annie said...

Sorry about the bug :(