Friday, May 16, 2008

So glad it's Friday!

I am very happy that it's Friday! I love waking up Saturday morning, knowing that I don't have to rush around getting kids ready for school and then driving back and forth several times a day. Since we live 20 minutes from school now, I feel like I am in the van a lot. Saturdays are a nice break from that. And summer is just around the corner, so I won't be making the daily drive much longer. My older boys get out on the 29th of May and my little boy gets out on the 22nd. I think I am going to cry when my little one finishes pre-k. I just love his teachers; they are so gifted at what they do and they really do love the children they teach. I will miss them next year. Plus, the fact that my sweet boy is growing up is so hard for me. I think I am going through this struggle with aging and with my kids growing up because I have hit my 30s. Okay, I am 31, so I have been "in my 30s" for more than a year now, but this all started when I turned 30. I am just having such a problem with getting older. I felt young in my 20s and my kids were all so little. Now, I feel like I am aging so quickly and my kids are getting older so quickly! I know in my head that time passes by at the same rate as it used to, but it feels like it is going by faster.

Enough about that...

We are planning to travel to Oklahoma for Memorial Day weekend. One of dh's cousins whom we haven't seen in years is coming into town with her hubby and 2 kids. Her baby is 1 year old and we have never met the sweet little thing, so that will be fun! My older boys have to go back to school the day after Memorial Day and I am trying to decide if I am going to keep them out so we can stay in OK longer or if we should drive back Monday evening so they can be in school Tuesday.

I am hosting a baby shower for Mrs. Happy in June. I haven't hosted a shower by myself before, so I am making lists galore, wanting to make sure I don't forget anything. : ) Mrs. Happy's MIL has graciously offered to let us use the party room at her condo building. It is a fancy place right in downtown Fort Worth.

My kids are still doing a great job learning their evening routine (bedtime routine). I have stuck to my weekly plan this week, for the first time in months and months. I am reaping the benefits of sticking to my plan! My house is organized and clean, which makes me feel calm and happy. School is getting done, we all have clean clothes each morning, even the outside of my house is clean and pretty. Now if I can stick to it consistently, and my home can stay calm and peaceful, that will be a great accomplishment for me.
Weekly Plan- Monday laundry day, Tuesday kitchen day (cook extra for freezer and clean kitchen top and bottom) Wednesday office day (clean desk, file papers, pay bills, etc), Thursday gardening day (any outside work and decorating), Friday cleaning day (deep cleaning added to normal chores), Saturday errands, prep for Sunday, and fun family stuff, and Sunday the Lord's Day (if I have done my prep on Saturday I can actually rest and fellowship on Sunday,which is my goal). It really doesn't take that long, just an hour or two each day, to get the extra stuff done. I have it scheduled in the afternoon when the kids do their afternoon chores. Yesterday they helped me outside and we cleaned up quite a bit and then hung up our flag on the front porch. It looks pretty and clean!

That all the update I have time for this morning. Everyone is waking up and coming downstairs so I had better go.

One more thing that is definitely worth is the 4 year anniversary if Isabelle's accident. Continue to pray in faith for her complete restoration. : ) God is good!

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